Thursday, March 26, 2015

Stop waiting

1. She's got too much to do and too much to think so she never sit around, waiting for you to call.
2. She's got a busy life and a lot of things is going on, so she has no time to even think solely about her dating life.
3. She's comfortable enough with herself and confident enough to know that if you like her, you will call her. And if she likes you enough, she'll call you too whenever she pleases.
4. She's also extremely aware that if it wasn't meant to be, she'll be happier with someone else.
5. Because she's not going to waste her energy on someone who does not bother and she's going to get over it real fast.
6. At the same time, she has no problem being upfront about who she is and what she wants so she will not waste her time playing games with you.
7. She's not looking for someone to support her financially. She's looking for someone who's going to support her emotionally and mentally.
8. And she's not afraid to share her own support and encouragement too.
9. She knows that she will make mistakes and will not be correct in everything she said but she does believe she has a right to her own opinions.
10. But don't worry, she's not against dating. She doesn't hate men. She loves dating. She enjoys romance. She wants to find someone to share her life with. She simply knows how to balance things out in order to keep herself feeling fulfilled and happy.

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